Founder & Chairman


Founder Chairman

Shri Vinod Mangla born in was born into a middle class family in 1967. Being brought up with the Indian ethos and the teachings of Bhagvad Gita, which continued to have a great impact in his life and outlook. He is a staunch believer in simple living, hard work, honesty and integrity and ethical corporate governance. Shri Vinod Mangla began his Manufacturing career in 1991. Rather than as most of the industry is happy with the trading model to earn more profits, he undertook the bold decision of investing his capital in creating class-manufacturing plants in India. Illumni aims to be thriving, innovative, productive and entrepreneurial enterprise as a part of Shri Vinod Mangla industrial legacy. He is especially conscious of the environmental impact of manufacturing and work towards minimizing the ecological footprint of his manufacturing facilities. In environmental ways, he raises the bar, ensuring that sustainability of operations and the minimization of environmental impact became as important an aspect of business as growth and profits. He is a person whose life is a standing testimony to the concept of:

Simple Living, High Thinking

Sh. Vipul Mangla

Managing Director

Shri. Vipul Mangla is the son of the Founder Chairman – Shri. Vinod Mangla and he is the Company’s Managing Director. He has been a driving force & work shoulder to shoulder with his father (since 2015). Vipul is an Electronic & Telecommunication Engineer from Delhi later went abroad to pursue MBA (Marketing and Finance) from the Cardiff Business School, UK. He graduated from Cardiff Business School with meritorious distinction and was known for his excellence in academics, integrity and leadership. Today with the Company, Vipul is designing, articulating and implementing its technical & marketing strategy aspire to create an Organization instrumental in transforming a family brand into a global brand that is renowned for its technology, innovation, customer friendliness and product range.

Carrying the baton into a new world

Research and Development

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Quality Control

We are conscious of good quality products manufactured at our plants. Various quality control measures are taken to deliver products that are safer, faster and simply better. Our teams realise and respect the basic requirement of our customers for a secure appliance and so we have committed ourselves to create world-class products in India to maintain the quality globally. Illumni has a simple rule on quality- If it doesn't exceed customer expectation, it's not quality performance.

Corporate Governance at Illumni